‘Front Runners’ App Review- Join The Race For The Presidency

‘Front Runners’ presents an opportunity to put your skills and expertise in a bid for the Presidency. It is indeed a challenge and a novel variance to the simulation library providing an unending runner style game, comparable to Subway Surfers or Temple Run. Here, you can pick your favorite political candidate for collecting votes and run while dodging scandals, angry mobs or even Coronavirus.

Content And Features
You can create your own candidate where there are no rules to adhere to. You may also choose to run as a real-life candidate from current or past elections if you have an in-depth understanding of the character and want to play it fairly by obeying the rules of running a good campaign. During the game, you must move all over the map by selecting the States and decide what steps you need to take there.
Though this app is available for both iOS and Android users, some devices may not match the minimum specifications required for the game to operate correctly. Incompatible devices will not allow the user to install the app and hence the user needs to check the appropriate app store for the application’s minimum requirements.

Display And Appearance
Though its graphics are pretty basic and simple, it is an intense game with high stakes that demands you to watch a lot of things at the same time. The game moves fast and scrolling across the bottom is continually changing information that helps you in determining your next
move. The candidate of your choice appears in a cartoon-like avatar the entire time. Some of the latest characters are – Don, Sleeper, Warrior, Professor and Cuban. They are also adding a ‘Kanye’ character soon. It is exciting to see that they have tried to give an interesting background to each character. For example, The Cuban character loves long walks on the shores of Havana, other people’s money, loudly judging others and relaxing at any of his 3 homes. However, these aspects can be improved further and more character options can be added with better traits. The sound added to the game also needs advancement, though it can be turned off if the player wants.

Final Verdict
The game is very time-critical but it can be fun to play if you want to examine your political valor. You may even try to play it, again and again, if you can still not win after attempting a few times. To retain the attention of the player, it needs to add a lot of new and exciting features otherwise one can easily switch to try more modish games.

You can download the App from the Play Store and App Store.