Fortnite Gets Kicked Off Of Apple Store And Google Play Store

After Epic Games snuck in an update to get around the App stores’ fees, the Apple App Store removed Fortnite from the platform. Google soon followed its footsteps.

Epic Games introduced an update to directly pay Epic for in-app purchases instead of using the officially sanctioned versions for both the iPhone and Android versions. As a reaction to this brutal decision, Apple decided to kick off Fortnite and sue Epic, to which Epic reacted by making a parody of Apple’s 1984 commercial in the game itself.

Epic’s latest update violated Google’s clear-cut rules as well. As a result, the company took the same decision as Apple’s. 

Even though Google has no problem with other stores existing and Epic distributing its games on them, the company is more worried about Epic violating its policies. However, Fortnite is still available on Android and can be downloaded either through the Epic Games App or the Samsung Galaxy Store on Samsung devices. On the contrary, the iPhone and iPad users can no longer enjoy the game unless they had it installed already.

Epic’s love-hate history with Google can be traced back to mid-2018 when it pulled Fortnite from the Play Store so as to distribute it directly. However, eighteen months later Fortnite made its way back to the Play Store after some angry rhetoric from Epic.

While Google Play Store puts competing stores at a disadvantage because of it being the go-to App store for most people, it is still bound to suffer losses because of Fortnite being out of its package. 

Furthermore, Epic Games is already encouraging users to use the Samsung Galaxy Store for downloading Fortnite by offering heavy discounts. Sooner or later, user traffic is likely to shift to other App stores for other App installs as well.

Epic is yet to respond to Google.

Apple has removed Fornite from the App Store. You can still get it back if you ever had the App and had deleted it recently. Watch how: