Apple’s Web Online Store Will Now Let Apple Card Users Access The New One-Click Payment Option

Apple’s Online Store is introducing the option of checking out with the Apple Card, along with the former options of paying using a regular credit or debit card, and Apple Pay, among others. Apple Card users can now easily choose the Apple Card option and complete their purchase within a matter of seconds. Initially, some products could be purchased using the Apple Card monthly payment option. In addition to that, users can now use the Apple Card for paying the full price of any product in the Apple Store.

Though this will not impact the ordering process much – since users could already could pay using the Apple Card through a few extra steps – it can be seen as a marketing decision nonetheless. Apple would still argue in favor of making the checkout process easier for its users.

The Apple Card option pops up at the top in the list of other payment modes thus establishing its brand right. Apple has been actively trying to promote Apple Card at every available opportunity.

The Apple Card option is available in only the US, as of yet.