Apple To Terminate Epic’s Developer Account Over Fortnite vs App Store Battle

In the Apple vs Epic Games battle, Apple has made its latest move. Epic Games claims that Apple will terminate the game developer’s account as a response to filing a lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit was, in itself, a response to Apple removing Fortnite from its App Store when Epic Games sneaked in a direct payment option to get around the in-app purchase system and thus violated the company’s rules.

Epic Games took to Twitter today to call out this move by Apple and labeled it as a “retaliation” for filing a lawsuit against Apple. The game developer says that Apple will terminate all of its accounts and cut it off from iOS and Mac development tools on August 28.

In a new filing, Epic has requested the Northern District California court to block Apple from terminating its developer account. But Apple holds a higher legal ground here since it had already expressed its willingness to sort out its differences with Epic and bring Fortnite back on the App Store yet Epic went and filed a lawsuit against the company damaging its own image.

Epic has called Apple’s latest move a threat to its Unreal Engine and also claimed that it harms “millions of innocent consumers worldwide” who play Fortnite and its other games.