Apple Temporarily Restrained From Blocking Unreal Engine and Fortnite

The judge has made her first ruling on the case between Apple and Epic Games. Apple had kicked off Fortnite from its App Store and had said that it will terminate Epic’s developer account. In response, Epic had asked the court for restraining orders to prevent Apple from blocking the Unreal Engine and banning Fortnite. 

For now, Epic seems to be ahead in the game as the court has given Apple a restraining order that prevents it from terminating developers accounts relating to Unreal Engine or other Epic properties.

On the other hand, Apple is still going strong in the game as there has been no order from court regarding allowing Fortnite back on the App Store.

Epic’s defense rested on the fact that it maintains multiple Apple developer accounts, all of which are associated with a different subsidiary, meaning that it signed different contracts for each. Thus, the contract violation only applies to Epic Games. Further, according to the court, there has been no violation of contract as it pertains to the entity that represents Unreal Engine and other properties. Apple also seemed helpless coming up with a strong argument to claim harm.

The current judgement is only a preliminary requisite to make a fair market while the lawsuit continues in court. Both Apple and Epic will be allowed to make their case to the best of their abilities once the trial begins.

Before that, Epic has requested the court to force Apple to put Fortnite back on the store as a preliminary action. A hearing will take place for the same at the end of September.