Apple Might Start Online Sales In India By Next Month

Apple Inc. is planning to open an online store for the very first time in India. Sources reveal the move to be a result of the relaxation of once-strict prohibitions against foreign direct retail.

The online store will be fully functioning right before the festive season of Dussehra and Diwali. The company had originally planned to start online sales within months after the government had relaxed the rules last year. Things couldn’t go according to plans because of the coronavirus pandemic.

India has slowly become the center of focus for Apple’s market for the last few years. While, this year, India’s importance increased manifold amidst the pandemic. Apple is trying to reduce its dependence on China, both as a market and a manufacturing base, and establish itself in other countries as well. It shouldn’t be too difficult considering that the company just surpassed $2 trillion in market value.

The company plans to open a second brick-and-mortar store in Bangalore, following an outlet in Mumbai which will be its first physical location in the country.

Apple currently sells its devices in India through stores owned by franchise partners as well as online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Opening its own stores for sales could be a good marketing move in terms of controlling branding and winning customer loyalty while also giving an even better competition to rivals like OnePlus and Samsung.