Apple To Donate For Local Wildlife Relief Efforts In California

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, took to Twitter to announce that the company will donate to support local wildlife relief efforts in California as a series of lightning bolts hit the state and caused numerous fire incidents.

Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in California as the state reported more than 90 fire incidents this Wednesday. The fires caused many people in the San Francisco area to evacuate their homes and move to safer areas.

As a response to the alarming number of fires, Tim Cook said that Apple will contribute towards providing resources to help wildlife relief efforts in California. He tweeted, “To our employees, friends, and neighbors affected by the heatwave and expanding fires across CA, please stay safe and listen to local evacuation orders. Apple will be donating to local wildfire relief efforts.”

Although there is no mention of the exact amount that Apple will donate in the tweet itself. Apple also made efforts to help Beirut, after the explosions that devastated the city, by donating generously to different organizations.

Nearly 11,00o lightning bolts struck the state of California within 72 hours, affecting the air quality in the Bay Area and spreading fires throughout Northern California.

The National Interagency Fire Center was placed on its highest alert level this Tuesday.