Best Websites And Apps To Get Wallpapers For Your OnePlus 7T

The background or wallpaper is the first thing you see when you unlock your phone. So, it ought to be something pleasing to your eyes or something you are able to relate to. It could be a happy picture of you, a small quote that inspires you, or a wallpaper depicting the beauty of nature. Here we have a few Wallpaper Websites and Apps suggestions for your OnePlus 7T. 


Abstruct is created by the award-winning OnePlus wallpaper artist Hampus Ollson. There are more than 300 abstract wallpapers available, all of which are in 4K resolution. You will find all the official OnePlus wallpapers and Paranoid Android wallpapers as and when they are released. You can access more than 100 wallpapers for free. To upgrade to the Pro Version you will have to pay $1.99.

Unsplash is a website that features stock pictures clicked by the best photographers around the world. The photography is submitted under Unsplash license and only the best ones are hand-selected. The website offers over 1.5 million free high-resolution images to download under various categories, including wallpapers. The website also offers the chance for everyone to share their creative photography skills. If you think you can contribute to the website and are looking for an audience, do give it a shot! You must even check out the Resplash app powered by, which offers over 800,000 HD wallpapers for free.


Walli is a Wallpaper Social Media App with a whole feed of aesthetic creations from the most skilled artists from around the world who bring to you more than a million free wallpapers. You can follow your favorite creators and categories such as nature, sports, animals, quotes, and a lot more. The app also offers automatic wallpaper changer. You can create your own wallpaper playlist for free consisting up to 10 images and you will see a new wallpaper daily or even hourly.You even get rewarded if you participate as an artist and contribute to the app. Upgrading to the premium version removes ads, gives you access to unlimited images in playlists, lets you play playlists offline and set the frequency to minutes.


The app provides an unconventional wallpaper option. It allows you to choose a map location customize is using the styles from their collection and get the best map wallpaper to fit your home screen. The style gallery is continuously updated with new themes and gradients. In their latest update, the app is offering unique live wallpapers. The map wallpaper changes as your location does. The app also includes options for for AMOLED and OLED displays. The app can be purchased for $0.99 up front and does not include any other in-app purchases.


Tapet is a minimalist background generator app, meaning that there are no images being downloaded from the web and the wallpapers are generated through algorithms. You do not choose from a library of wallpapers, but instead choose the design and color. The app generates the wallpaper for you according to your screen’s resolution. You can enjoy interesting patterns daily or hourly in the color you like. You might not even see the same wallpaper again. The app comes with support for Muzei – The app describes itself as ‘A living museum for your Android home screen.’ Muzei is a live wallpaper app that brings a new piece of art everyday to your phone. Tapet can be downloaded for free with in-app purchases up to $19.99.