Here’s How To Use The Screen Recording Feature On Android 11

The upcoming Android 11 update will bring a host of new features to your smartphone, including a built-in screen recording option. The feature was introduced in Samsung and LG phones running Android 10, but it was quite buggy and ultimately removed. There are still few models running the feature but it’s hidden. You could give it a shot! Google is now back with the feature and there will finally be a way to get the option without downloading a third-party app, irrespective of the phone you are using as long as you are running Android 11. Here’s how to use the screen recorder in Android 11 when it arrives: 

  • Swipe down from the top of your screen to open the notification panel. Swipe down again to expand Quick Settings,
  • Swipe left on the Quick Settings tile until you find the Screen record option (It will likely be on the second or third page) and tap on it,
  • The device then asks you to Record audio and Show touches on screen. Tap the toggles to enable the options as per your choice,
  • Tap on Record audio to select what audio you want to record – Microphone, Device audio, or both,
  • Tap Start to begin recording.

You will be able to see a countdown in a red circle to the left of the battery indicator once your device starts recording. To stop the recording, swipe down to view the notification panel and tap the red alert that says Tap to stop. Once you are done recording, the video will be saved to the Movies section of Google Photos in your phone’s internal storage.