Google’s Failed Social Networking Service, Google+, Is Officially Replaced By Google Currents

Google shut down personal accounts from its social networking service, Google+ in April 2019 after a series of security concerns and its failure in keeping the audience engaged. The service was still available for enterprise customers to communicate within the organisation and launched Currents in beta version shortly after the shut down. Google+ is now officially gone and is rebranded to Google Currents. Google Currents has moved from beta and is now available widely for iOS and Android users. The tech giant had sent out a notice to G Suite admins last month about the rebranding and the general availability of the service. If you search for Google+ on App Store or Google Play, the result will show Google Currents with the Google+ logo changed to a blue waveform like icon giving it a Google Material Theme design. The existing URLs will continue to function and automatically redirect the users to

Google Currents is designed for internal communication within the enterprise. The service has retained the concept of “tags” and “streams” from Google+. New features that Currents is bringing includes – ability to share files and other content from Google Drive, highlighting important posts, sorting your Home Stream by relevance or time, finding communities that match your interests and a complete new updtated professional look to streamline the exchange of information and keeping everyone in the loop.

Previously, Google offered a magazine app called Currents until 2013, after which it was rebranded as Google Play Newsstand in the same year, and ultimately it was amalgamated with Google News in 2018. The wide availability of the service is likely to be over the next few days.