Google Maps For Android Tests Detecting Traffic Lights On Roads

After Apple Maps added the feature for showing traffic light in iOS 13 last year, it is Google now that is testing the feature for Google Maps in its Android app. As spotted by droidlife, Google Maps is showing the location of traffic lights in several intersections around cities in the US. The feature notifies the users when they are about to approach a traffic light and make them better informed to avoid any delay. It is not the first time that the feature has been spotted, Japan has had it for a number of years now. But, it surely is a considerable expansion for the feature. Google is testing the new feature in US cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and says it plans to expand it globally over time.

Although, the traffic light icon is visible both while navigating and browsing the map in map view, they appear slighlty bigger in size and more noticeable while navigating. The feature is still in the testing stage and is visible only to a small number of people in select regions on Google Maps build 10.44.3. It only shows the traffic light’s location and does not include any other functionality, while Apple Maps integrates Siri Voice Assistant with its directions, uses traffic lights as a part of its route instructions and also makes the user aware of stop signs. However, that might change for Google Maps by the time the feature becomes widely available. Also, it is quite not possible for the map to show the current status of the light. If that is ever being considered, it’s going to take a series of testing.