Google Expands Its SmartReply Feature To YouTube Comments

The AI-powered SmartReply feature by Google is supported by Gmail, Android Messaging App and Play Developer Console to suggest responses, now Google is bringing the feature to YouTube creators. The updated feature anounced by Google today will help YouTube video creators to quickly and easily interact with their audience. For creators, with a huge following, managing their core audience comments can be cumbersome. This is exactly where SmartReply aims to help. The feature is being launched for YouTube Studio that helps creators manage their page. Google recently announced the Smart Fill feature for Google Sheets and Smart Compose for Spanish speaking Google Docs users, that is built on the similar machine learning technology.

The SmartReply feature for YouTube is different from the same feature used in Gmail, as in mails the language is dominated by formal language, whereas YouTube audience make use of a more diverse set of language which includes abbreviations, slang, emojis, language switching and inconsistent use of punctuation. Hence, the feature for YouTube is build to process a more informal language. What made building the system more challenging is that the feature gives suggestions when there are high chances that the creator would want to reply to a comment, which will require the technology to identify those comments for which the feature must be activated. The user will be able to edit the reply, add to it, or simply hit send.

As of now, YouTube SmartReply is starting with managing English and Spanish comments. It is the first cross-lingual and character byte-based SmartReply, says Google. The company believes that it will soon be able to improve the feature for global audience, keeping in mind the vast user base that generates content on YouTube daily.