Google Makes Creating Spreadsheets Easier With Smart Fill and Smart Cleanup

Working on spreadsheets and analyzing data has always been a tedious task. Google announced several new updates to Google Sheets, which will make filling data and building spreadsheets a bit easier. Google is bringing Smart Fill and Smart Cleanup to Google Sheets, leveraging G Suite AI. With Smart Fill, the data entry in sheets will be automated, similar to Smart Compose in Gmail that helps users to write faster by predicting repetitive phrases. Product Manager of G Suite, Ryan Weber explained how Smart Fill will work in a blog post, saying, “Say you have a column of full names, but you want to split it into two columns, first and last name, for example. As you start typing first names into a column, Sheets will automatically detect the pattern, generate the corresponding formula, and then autocomplete the rest of the column for you.”

Google will not literally auto-fill a coloumn for you, but instead will build a formula and suggest to fill it based on patterns that it collects, giving the user flexibility to manage it accordingly.

Moving on, Smart Cleanup, which is aimed at making data cleanup faster and accurate. It finds duplicate rows and formatting issues and then suggest suitable changes in the side panel, which the user can choose to accept or decline. You can also see column stats which is a overview of your data, that will provide metrics such as value distribution, frequency of a value in a column and more that will help you with a quick analysis.

Google also announced Connected Sheets, a feature that will connect BigQuery data warehouse with Sheets that will allow users to analyze petabytes of data even without a knowledge of SQL or any programming language for that matter. The aim is to standardize access to big data by allowing anyobody who knows how to operate spreadsheets, in an organisation to understand the data and create charts based on the analysis.

Smart Fill and Smart Cleanup will be available for G Suite users later this year. Connected Sheets is available on G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education and G Suite Enterprise Essentials users.