Conversation Starter For Couples Review: Talk2You App For iOS And Android

The ongoing pandemic is tough for all of us. We miss going out on dates to fancy restaurants, on long drives, or simply taking a stroll, and while doing all of these, talking our hearts out to the person we admire the most. But during this time when we all need someone to take away our lonliness, a healthy and deep conversation could do wonders. A relationship becomes more beautiful over time and honest conversations provide a basis for that. Being said that, this is exactly what Talk2You helps with. Talk2You is a conversation starter app for couples. The app provides with 400+ stimulating questions from 10 different categories, specifically curated for couples to connect with each other on a deeper level. You no longer need to force a conversation when you find yourselves having nothing to talk about. Sometimes you feel like you have talked about everything and have nothing interesting or creative left to talk about. You might not realise it but there’s always a lot to know about a person before you can finally say that I know you inside and out. Let’s get into how the app works towards building a healthy relationship with your partner.

Content & Features

Once you install and launch the app, you will land to the ‘Home’ section where you will find 10 exciting categories to choose from. Three categories, i.e., “The two of us”, “Everyday life” and “Our history” are playable immediately, while other seven categories can be unlocked by an in-app purchase, these include, “Your childhood”, “Faith & God”, “Intimacy & sex”, “Your dreams”, “Our future”, “Our child” and “Miscellaneous”. You and your partner take turns to ask questions to each other from the category you like. Every time you click on a category, you will be suggested with a different question. However, you can click on ‘reset category’ to get all the questions of that category back in the game. The questions differ in intensity, you can choose to skip a question if it doesn’t fit your relationship. The app even allows you to go back to a previous question. You can even choose a question randomly by clicking on ‘random category’ to be surprised with an interesting question.

The ‘Settings’ section lets you personalize the game even more by adding your names and profile pictures. You can even select categories for random mode according to your preference. Other options under Settings lets you reset all categories, increse and decrease the font size and switch between two languages – English and Deutsch (German).

The fact that the app takes into consideration the suggestions and needs of the users, makes it even more friendly to use. The app has a separate ‘Contact’ section that allows you to ask queries, give suggestions for improvement and comment on your experience. The app is updated with fascinating questions regularly. If you have a great idea for a question, then just submit it and you’ll be the co-author of the next update!

The game can have many variants. You can take turns to answer different questions or answer the same question. To test how well you know each other, you can write the answer to a question that you expect from your partner and only then it’s the other partner’s turn to answer. The game is very flexible and can be played in creative ways, you can have your own version too!

Display & Appearance

The app has a straightforward interface. The navigation bar on the left side of the screen specifies every section clearly. The questions are displayed with a simple font and adjustible font size, on an attractive colour background. Instructions for every action are easily comprehensible. Overall, the app flaunts a user friendly design and appearance.

Final Verdict

Talk2You is a great app to communicate better with your partner, strengthen the bond, avoid misunderstandings, grow your love for each other and improve your mood. Given the diverse categories to choose from, the app works well for every kind of relationship, from new in the game couples to married couples. It’s time to explore the world from your partner’s point of view and feel closer! You can download the app for bothe iOS and Android users.