CleanMyMac X Review – Create Space For The Things You Love

MacPaw released its 10th anniversary edition App – ‘CleanMyMac X’ which is a comprehensive clean-up, protection, and speedup tool for Mac users. If you just got a Mac or you possess an older Mac with advanced Mac OS Mojave running on it, go ahead and download this app.

Apple has been consistently improving Speed and Performance in Mac computers and iOS Devices with OS upgrades. The third-party apps store numerous temporary files and occupy storage space without our knowledge. CleanMyMac X provides a complete kit to deal with these issues.

Content and Features

CleanMyMac X has a total of 14 distinctive tools to optimize and safeguard macOS. It has the latest Malware Removal tool embedded which protects from all kinds of Malwares such as Ransomware, Spyware and Adware from being downloaded on the computer. 

The Smart Scan feature allows a quick scan of the system and fetches unnecessary files that can be cleaned with the click of a button. It displays the list of files to be cleaned, and you can eliminate them automatically or manually after a short inspection.

Files that you may have skipped, never opened or simply stored and forgotten are brought to your notice with this Scanning feature. It also helps you in identifying malfunctioning apps. The shredder feature is a perfect Data Eradication tool that does not allow recovery of data by any File Recovery Software for Mac. Other added features are macOS extensions manager and a universal Updater for the installed applications.

Display and Appearance

CleanMyMac X presents the most engaging, friction-free and exquisitely simple interface that appears like Sci-fi. It has curved edges, vividly- colored icon, faux see-through background and an ombre effect all over its interface. Handy information such as the availability of free space in drive partitions, CPU load, RAM status and device operating temperature can be easily accessed by a click at the menu bar.

Final Verdict

CleanMyMac X has shown some admirable additions and it’s a secure and quick way to remove gigabytes of junk from your hard drive. Several alternative apps grant similar functionality at a more affordable price. You may also use a combination of free services to enjoy the same benefits but that will demand a lot of time.

You can download the App from here and get to know about its pricing.