Apple Watch Series 6 To Bring New Health-Centric Features

For everyone who use the Apple Watch for fitness and health tracking, the future Apple Watch series 6 will definitely get you excited. The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be launched with WatchOS 7. The supposed health-centric features to be added to the new Apple Watch includes blood oxygen level detection, mental health detection and yoga pose tracking with a thermometer.

The codes for blood oxygen level detection were found in the upcoming iOS 14, that indicates that the company is already working on a smartwatch that could support the feature. Moreover, Apple is also working on improving the electrocardiogram (ECG) scanning, currently available in Watch series 4 and 5. Many users have complained about the ECG readings often being inaccurate. 

By being able to detect mental health we mean that the future Apple Watch could track your anxiety level and monitor panic attacks. Normally, when you have high level of anxiety, your pulse rate quickens, your breathing becomes fast and shallow and your blood sugar rises. Whenever the smartwatch detects these changes in your body, it will send you an alert to monitor your behavior.

A new patent as noted by Patently Apple, titled ‘Pose and heart rate energy expenditure for yoga’ has disclosed that the smartwatch will be able to accurately track users’ energy expenditure during yoga. By detecting the heart rate and motion data, the watch will be able to determine the type of yoga pose that you are doing and the likely energy being expended. The patent also describes the ability of the smartwatch to record skin temperature reading if you’re doing hot yoga, and then adjusting the measurements accordingly. The current Apple Watch can already track yoga, but the new watch will come with hardware upgrades for a more detailed and accurate tracking.

There is still a little bit of skepticism around this news as all patents do not make way to the development stage. Nevertheless, it does look like that Apple has a lot in store for all the health freaks out there.