Puzzle Game Review: Viking Lumberjack For iOS & Android

Viking-LumberjackWith a new normal demanding you to maintain social distancing, there are quite a lot of ways to keep yourself engaged and entertained. How about preparing a virtual game night plan with your companions and hit the night with games and fun? So, here’s a question for you, Are you someone who is an avid gamer and has a love for puzzles? If this is something that gets you going, then the Scandinavian Puzzle Game – Viking Lumberjack is definitely for you.

I have played a lot of puzzle games but this one, in particular, caught my attention. Viking Lumberjack is a free offline puzzle game with Viking as its main character who has sworn o save his ancestral land from the seizures of the dominating trees. The game gives you an amazing opportunity to get immersed into the world of the Viking and feel like one too. Well, that’s not all. Challenging levels, thrilling bonus games and amazing puzzles will get your nerves tingling to want more. Set yourself on the timer and keep challenging yourself. Get those bothersome trees down and conquer your ancestral land now!

Content & Features

Viking-lumberjackThe game has been divided into 3 stages consisting of 200 levels. As you progress in the game, the levels become more challenging and exciting. You can gain coins and experience you progress to the next level, which will help you to build and advance your village. Once a player chops down all the trees in the map, they level up. Talking about the three different stages, let’s get a brief idea about the same:

  • First Stage: The first stage comprises of level 1-9 which is considered as the warm-up stage. This stage mainly aims at acquainting the player with how exactly, to chop down trees and conquer your ancestral land.
  • Second Stage: The second stage starts from level 10 going right up to level 46, players will have to chop down trees against a running clock! Exciting isn’t it? This will not just boost your adrenaline level but also give you a amazing gaming experience.
  • Third Stage: The third and the final stage starts from level 47 onwards, there is something that awaits you, a surprise. On reaching the third stage, you will be fighting the enemy head-on the battlefield! So, now you not only have to chop down the trees on the map against a running clock but also have to keep your enemies hands off you.

What’s more in store for you?

  • Meet 27 more characters¬† as you progress with the game, making your gaming experience even better
  • Earn coins and experience to increase your chances against the enemy
  • The last level is not the end, the developers have brought about a special present for the finishers which you will only know when you reach the finish line.

Display & Appearance

viking-lumberjack The game sports stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack which takes you into the world of the Vikings. The interface is to the point and super easy to use making it more user friendly. The offline game is free to play, but as easy it might look, it gives a tough match to your grey cells. The App has seen quite a few updates which focuses on improving the gaming experience. Overall, the design and appearance of the App is pretty good sporting a challenging and interesting gaming environment for its players.

Final Verdict

The game is worth your time and energy. If you are anyone who is up for a challenging game that keeps you up all night, Viking Lumberjack is definitely the one for you. If you have tried a wide variety of puzzle games and have been disappointed, this App will definitely change your mind. Bored is the word you will forget while you play this game as it takes you in a journey which is worth the exploration. You can download the App from the following Links:

  1.  Viking Lumberjack for iOS
  2. Viking Lumberjack for Android


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