Top 5 Photoshop Like Apps For Android

Be it a professional or an amateur, everyone likes their photo to stand out in the crowd and that’s why we use a photo editor. Finding a good photo editor might seem like a task as Play Store offers so many paid and free photo editing Apps. But the question still remains, which are the best one’s amongst them? If this is your cue, then don’t worry as TheAppleGoogle has got you covered. We have come up with the top 5 Photoshop-like Apps for Android that will give you just what you need.

1. PicsArt Photo Editor


PicsArt hands-down is the best alternative to Photoshop and the best available option on Play Store for those who are looking for high quality and professional photo editors. Right from Masking to adding layers, offering the widest variety of filters and colour grading, the App has it all. PicsArt offers in-app purchases which gives users access to PicsArt Gold offering a wide variety of tools and edits to be used in the process of photo editing. With over 1 billion downloads on Android, this is the first and the best App you should consider.

2. Snapseed


Second on the list today is one of the most popular and highly downloaded Photo Editor App, Snapseed. If PicsArt doesn’t work for you, then you can opt for Snapseed. This App also offers high-level and professional editing tools and techniques ranging from adding layers, filters, changing colour tones and many more. The App is a bit simpler to use when compared to PicsArt but does not have a variety to offer and sports just basic stuff. With no adds and an absolutely amazing and simple user interface, Snapseed is a great choice to make.

3. VSCO Photo Editor


Third on the list today would be none other than VSCO Photo Editor App which is the heartthrob of the teenage crowd and especially girls. VSCO offers interesting and unique filters that users can add to their edits which makes their pictures unique and hence the App gained immense popularity amongst youngsters. Also, the App offers a wide variety of colour presets and filters which is not available on any other App. Although it is a paid App, VSCO is the Editor’s Choice on Play Store and is definitely worth the try.

4. Canva


Fourth on our list today will be the most preferred and easy to use Apps on Google Play Store, Canva. Canva is a graphic designing platform which allows you to do everything that you need at a professional level. You can take this as the easiest and simplest alternative to Adobe PhotoShop as the App offers a wide variety of cool and exciting stuff to make your project unique. Right from templates and presets, Canva has a wide option to choose from. The App has a free as well as paid version. The paid version takes you to Canva Pro giving you access to thousands of free stuff that you can use in your photographs. So, if this is anything that interests you, Canva is the one for you.

5. AirBrush


Last but not the least, fifth on our list today will be AirBrush. AirBrush has some amazing tools and features which no other Apps offer. It has professional and high-quality face tuning and beautifying tools which will leave an absolutely professional touch to your photographs. Unlike other Apps, your photo quality does not degrade or pixelate by using any of its tools. Sporting a bunch of cool features, this App is a must-download for girls as it offers amazing makeup edits as if, it were actually applied! That being said, you will only know how good the App is when you use for yourself. Hands down, this is a must-download App for anyone who wishes to refine their photographs while keeping them raw and realistic at the same time.


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