Google Maps Highlight Nearby Take-Out Restaurants And Delivery

Google-MapsAs per the latest updates, in order to make it easier for users to find restaurants offering delivery and take-out services in their areas, Google Maps have now added an easy-to-see button which is placed at the top of Google Maps in iPhones and Androids. This is a boon to the users as this feature points and lists the details of all the eateries which are offering delivery and take-out services in their area, in turn, making life easier for its users even during the ongoing pandemic situation. Many business services and eateries have been suspended due to COVID-19 in the US, but as the situation has been easing out, many of these services are back for business and are open providing meals with adhering to the terms and conditions of social distancing and taking all precautionary measures.

Users can now tap on Takeout or the Delivery button which is available in Google Maps to get a list of the functional eateries who are still in business in their respective areas. According to reports, these buttons are functional in the US, Canada and France as of now. Users are looking for a global update soon and hope that this service will be available to all the Google Maps users worldwide.

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