Google Deletes Remove China Apps From Play Store

Google-Remove-China-AppsAs per recent updates, The Remove China Apps has been deleted from the Play Store by Google. The App which has recently gained immense popularity in the last few weeks, has now been removed. According to Google, the App violated Google’s Deceptive Behaviour Policy. The App, just as its name suggests, was developed in order to detect and remove Chinese Apps from the user’s phone. Apparently, under the Deceptive Behaviour Policy formulated by Google, Apps cannot make any changes in the users personal device settings and this App did exactly that. This App also made changes to features outside of its App that too without the user’s knowledge and also insisted on removing other third-party apps on the platform, Chinese to be specific.

The brains behind devising the concept of this App is the Indian Firm OneTouchAppLabs, correctly recognised the current situation of the people and developed this App which in turn clicked, and gained immense popularity crossing over 5 Million downloads in just a matter of few weeks. This idea was also backed by many Indian Celebrities as they unanimously supported the cause of boycotting Chinese Apps.

Apart from others having an opinion, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also firmly stated to boycott the use of foreign goods and turn” Aatmanirbhar” as he says in his words which means, self-dependant or independent.


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