Android 11 Gets 62 New Emojis

The latest Android 11 Beta includes support for 62 new emojis, the number goes up to 117 emojis along with variations. Interestingly, this is the first official announcement made by Google in the context of the new upcoming operating system. The Consortium responsible for maintaining the global standard for emoji, had released the Unicode emoji 13.0 list earlier in the month of January.

The new update supports a wide range of new emojis, some of which are new finger gestures, smiling-crying face, a face with glasses and a mustache, a ninja, people hugging, Mx. Claus, a range of new animals like squirrel, polar bear, mammoth, bison and objects like fondue, rock, wood, teapot, pickup truck, and magic wand.

Unicode 13 also updated and added a bunch of gender-inclusive emojis, which means that some emojis typically depicting common gender roles, such as feeding a baby as well as bride and groom, will now be available in women, men, and non-binary variants for gender inclusion. There are 55 gender-inclusive and skin-tone variants for new emojis. It also includes the transgender symbol and flag. The ‘transgender flag’ was sponsored by both Google and Microsoft.

Although the new emojis are supported in the Android 11 Beta, they are not yet available on the emoji keyboard section of the Gboard. To test these, one can copy and paste the emoji from Emojimedia.

With two more betas planned, Google could update the emoji designs again before the final consumer launch. The rollout will vary by device and region, with some phones getting updates sooner than others. Nonetheless, emoji updates are coming to Android later this year for many users.