Top 5 Apps For The Lockdown Time

It has dawned upon us that the lockdown would probably go on for a little while longer. We would have to probably abide by the social distancing norms for a little longer, leaving us stuck in our homes for a while. Thankfully, we have plenty of resources to keep us engaged during the period of this social isolation. However, we are never deprived of apps to choose from to help you have fun during this lockdown!

This week, we’re rounding up the top 5 apps to keep you engaged and entertained during the lockdown:-


Being stranded in your homes, Houseparty manages to fill the void of loneliness through its entertaining way of being engaged with your friends. The app primarily features group video chat paired with a couple of games to keep you entertained. We found it to be a great way to engage and interact with your friends and family members. Initially, there were some security concerns regarding this app, however, it seems to have been resolved over the recent updates.

Huuuge Casino Slots –

After finding the best online casinos, we’ve found plenty of apps to emulate that amazing experience. The casinos being under lockdown, we might have to look elsewhere to try to get that experience again. ‘Huuuge Casino Slots’ has been a really entertaining experience to kill some time off your day, along with the fact that you could also potentially score some cash having fun!

Words With Friends –

Words With Friends is a fantastic app iteration of the ever so popular scrabble boardgame. You can now connect with all your friends through the app and have a really great time! You could engage in great banter with your friends and bring in a really fun and entertaining experience. Not only that, but this game could perhaps be a great outlet to boost the extensive vocabulary that you could, later on, flaunt among your colleagues. This could be a perfect calling to play some word games with your friends.

QuizUp –

QuizUp is a fantastic game that features a rapid-fire action of quizzes that an insane amount of topics to chose. We found an unfathomable amount of topics to choose from, virtually everything was covered when it came to quiz topics. We also absolutely loved the funny quizzes ranging from different puns and jokes which was a really nice touch to the game. Get your friends along to see who’s more knowledgeable about your topics!

Nike Training Club –

The lockdown should not stop you from getting fit. That’s why we found the Nike Training Club to be a fantastic app to help you get in your workouts at home. It features a lot of workouts that would absolutely break a sweat. The difficulty of the workouts could certainly be challenging for beginners getting into it. However, they have added a good variety of progressions to help the beginners to keep up as well which you could later change into the harder progression of a particular exercise.