Slack Brings In A Major Redesign To The iPhone App

The global pandemic has brought in its fair share of challenges and opportunities. Slack has managed to capitalize on this as an opportunity to solidify work from home solutions, and they have absolutely flourished with that regard. The company recently announced that the Slack for iOS app is going to get a major redesign which is primarily aimed to improve the functionality and workflow experience of the app. After the major update to the desktop app in march, they plan to keep up the pace by bringing in changes to the other platforms as well.

Among the various new additions, the most significant change in this update is the introduction of the bottom bar navigation design which would replace the three-line menu icon which had been used earlier. This would help the users to get quick access to the menu options without any friction. The bottom navigation bar is divided into ‘Home’, ‘DMs’, ‘Mentions’, and ‘You’. This addition would make the experience more intuitive to the users.

Other changes include a new compose button on the bottom right which makes it easier to create new conversations. They’ve added a new lightning bolt under the message box which now gives quick access to shortcuts. Along with that, they have made some changes to the swiping behaviors. Now, swiping right will reveal your workspace and preferences, and swiping left will get you back to the last conversation you were in.

By the time of publishing this article, the update would most likely be live on the Appstore. While we haven’t got to try it for ourselves, we can certainly say that the inclusion of the new features is definitely a welcoming addition.