Google Search Dark Mode To Show Up On Chrome App

The all new dark mode has become very popular across all Apps. The entire screen becomes dark and the options shine out instead of the normal white background. Many users actually prefer the dark mode over the normal mode. Facebook also recently introduced the “Dark Mode” for the web version on and customers greeted it with joy. Google is now planning to introduce the dark mode for the Chrome web browser App.

While the Dark Mode was available on the Chrome App for a long time, but it only worked on tabs and bookmarks. Now, the Dark Mode will work on Search results as well instead of the plain white background and blue link based search results. 9to5Google has confirmed that a new code based changed has been added to Chromium in which if you change a description, users can see Google Search results in night mode.

Google also recently announced that it will showcase the first version of Android 11 on June 3rd. Apple will also introduce its new iOS version on June 22nd at WWDC.