Apple User’s Privacy At Risk: Siri Still Listening To Conversations?

Siri-AppleMany Apple users have stated that Siri is still listening to their private conversations which has already been a center of the issue last year for which Apple had apologized. But, regardless of a bunch of promises made by Apple to make changes, nothing seems to have fundamentally changed as the issue still lingers. This news was brought into awareness again by Thomas Le Bonniec, who was the one who revealed this defect in Siri last year. Presently, Thomas has written a letter to all European Data Protection Regulators stating that Apple has ignored the issue as Apple has not made any changes and continuos with its data collection program to date.

When this news came out last year, Apple reportedly apologized to its users for not living up to its expectations and also promised that they would act on changing the bug immediately. This was followed by a software update made in the month of October last year. Bonniec has also stated that these recordings are not just bounded up to single users but even families are involved. Right from names to searched and background conversations, everything has seemed to be recorded.Apple-Siri-Privacy

The main issue here is the Apple brand tag which states that ” At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right,” so, with the continuation of the past occurring events, this is a total privacy breach.

Although, there is a specific setting that users can make in order to keep Siri in control:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Privacy
  • Tap on Analytics and Improvements
  • Improve Siri & Dictation

After this setting changes, the user can move to Settings – Siri Search – Siri History. After this the user can tap on Delete Siri & Dictation History.

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