Plant Nanny 2 Review – Drink Water In Real Life, Feed Plants In Game

Drinking water is the best and easiest way to maintain your health, but not everyone drinks enough water throughout the entire day. Our hectic schedule has made it impossible to remember that drinking water helps you lose weight, keep your kidneys in shape, reduce blood pressure, lubricate the joints, flushes body waste, resolves constipation and keep the skin in good condition. But there is a way to remember to drink water regularly, and that way is Plant Nanny.

It was featured as one of the best Apps on Google Play. It is an app that puts you in charge of cute little creatures with big wet eyes, and chubby faces.

These creatures need the same amount of water as you do. It makes drinking water a fun game where every time you drink water your in-game plant gets nourished. In return, you get a happy piece of flora and a healthy body in real life. The App suggests the amount of water one should ingest based on their body data, which includes height, weight, and age, also the amount of exercise you do to ensure that you are taking the right amount of water.

The app allows users to choose the unit of water. The app sends a notification to the user’s phone when it is time to drink water and while you drink water press and hold the virtual button to give a satisfying dose of water to your leafy buddy. As you progress you will receive new seeds for new plants and pots to keep them.

The concept of the App is just fantastic. You can download the App for App Store and Google Play.