Whatsapp Web Will Soon Get Dark Mode

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After releasing dark mode for Android and iOS, Whatsapp is looking to release dark mode for its PC version which is known as Whatsapp Web. There is no clarity on the official release of the update yet.

The new wave of the dark mode is still going on and its new member is Whatsapp web. Whatsapp web is actually made for the people who want to use Whatsapp on their PC. The dark mode is only released for Android and iOS beta users as of now.  The new update was shared by a trusted source through a screenshot of the interface of Whatsapp Web. If you want to experience the dark mode for Whatsapp Web now, then you need to add few extensions to your PC. This is the unofficial way of getting the dark mode, you can wait for the official release of the update. Once the update is released, you can enable dark mode by doing these few steps:

  1. Settings
  2. Theme
  3. Dark Mode

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If you want the normal mode back then you can do the same process to get back to the normal mode.

Facebook is looking to get this dark mode on all of its apps. Whatsapp has already got the dark mode via its beta mode. Even though the main Facebook app hasn’t got the dark mode yet but the Facebook Lite app has now added this feature. The main app will also receive this feature soon. This will now complete Facebook’s campaign of adding dark mode feature to all of its social media apps.