You Can Now Remove Your Instagram Followers From Your Profile

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Instagram has added a new feature to its Android app. Instagram now allows Android users to remover their Instagram followers from their profile. The feature was previously released for iOS and now it has released for Android too. The feature now will increase the privacy and security of the profile.

Instagram is now gaining more credibility than Facebook nowadays even though it’s owned by Facebook itself. Instagram has many options to increase its privacy and it’s more user-friendly than any other social media app. The feature will now help the users to add more security to their profile. 

You can now remove any follower easily by going to:

Profile>Followers where you’ll see a list of your followers and there you’ll see a “Remove” option, on selecting that option it’ll ask you “Remove Follower?” on selecting the remove option, the follower will be removed. Otherwise, you can go to the user’s profile whom you want to remove and there you’ll see a “Remove Follower” option. The feature allows you to stop showing your stories and posts without blocking the user. Instagram also launched a feature which lets you see “accounts show up in your feed the most and who you interact with the least,” you can see that by going to the “Following” tab which will show you ‘most seen in feed’ and ‘least interacted with.’

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This new Instagram feature was actually made for the people who switch their profile from “Public” to “Private”. They can remove the followers which they don’t want after switching to a private account.