Use Netflix On Android With Less Data

The world’s biggest OTT platform, Netflix is now offering less consumption of data for its Android app. Before this feature, if you want to watch any series in high resolution, the data consumption was very high. But now, users can watch any content on Netflix without consuming extra data.

In an article, we’ve talked about Netflix’s adaptation of the new open-source AV1 video codec. This new format will help Netflix to reduce its data usage on high resolution. Since AV1 has a better video compression quality than the VP9 format. AV1 helps to reduce data consumption by 20%. Netflix will also continue with VP9 format as many of users use Wifi and don’t think much about the data consumption.

Adaptation of AV1 format sends a message to everyone in the industry that this can be the future of online video streaming. After Netflix’s move, many other companies are also interested in this new format. Companies including big names like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Nvidia. We might see many of these giants turning towards this new codec in the near future.

This new future is only available for Android. Users can access this feature by enabling the “save data” mode on their Android device.

  1. pen the Netflix app on your Android device
  2. Go to Menu > App Settings > Cellular Data Usage
  3. Turn on “Save Data.”

We don’t know anything special about this feature, even on which particular series or movie it will be available. But you can still save some data by enabling this mode on your phone.