Netflix Adapts AV1 Video Format On Android

Netflix, the world’s biggest video-streaming giant has announced that it has started to stream titles in the latest media codec, AV1 format on Android.

Netflix previously used the VP9 format which is developed by Google itself, but because of various technical reasons, Netflix is slowly trying to switch to the AV1 format. By switching to AV1 on Android, its compression efficiency has gone up by 20%. We don’t know anything clear yet, but Netflix has released this feature for ‘select titles’ only, which will be available to stream on Android. This feature will especially benefit those people who are using Netflix on cellular data. AV1 will help them to save data. Google is also finding very tough to develop a media codec as it needs to be supported universally.

On the other hand, AV1 is universally supported, it is royalty-free. It works well on major decoder and many major platforms which increases its credibility. According to Netflix, its goal is to support AV1 and promote it across all platforms.

Still, AV1 needs some improvements in order to compete with its counter-platforms. Like the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is performing better than AV1 in the last year’s benchmark test. Even though AV1 has the support of a giant like Netflix, it still needs to improve itself to keep its existence in the industry for a long time.

The acceptance of AV1 by Netflix already sent a message that there is so much scope for the two-year-old format to gain someplace in the industry.