Google’s Gboard Gets Emoji Mashup Stickers

Google adds more new mashup emoji stickers to its mighty collection. Google added a new feature to Gboard by which you can create new emoji by combining the existing one.

Emojis have made the overall online chatting experience a lot better. You can easily express your feelings and mood through just a single emoji. Google already has a huge collection of emojis which sometimes isn’t enough for some people. So for those people, Google has added a new feature by which you can combine two stickers to make a new emoji. Google is calling this new feature as “Emoji Kitchen.” This means that you can create your own emoji and send it to your friends. Google also announced that the newly made emojis can be sent via¬†WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, Gmail, and Messages by Google.

Google messed up with some emojis in the past which sparked controversy. Google changed the design of Beer and Burger emoji which many of the users didn’t like at all. Maybe because of that Google has decided to let users make emojis by themselves. This feature gives many customizable options to its users. According to Google, the feature will roll out today but if you want to use this feature now then you have to join the Gboard beta program.

This feature adds more power to Google’s Gboard. It’ll automatically enhance the chatting experience. Also, you can use this feature via many chatting apps including WhatsApp and Snapchat. We can see the reactions to this feature from the users in the coming days.