Google Play Store Gets Dark Mode


Google has finally added the dark mode to Play Store after its long anticipation from the android crowd. It’s also not surprising as Google has recently added dark mode to the Google App on Android as well. As we always say, there is a new “Wave of dark mode” which is going around now. Mostly for Android, many including giants like Google and Facebook are adding the dark mode to their respective apps.¬†

Google already has added dark mode for its other apps. After the Android 10 update, a new feature was added called¬† “universal dark theme” toggle which turns the whole UI into a black and white theme. Google is still trying to give every app its own dark mode feature it will be more customizable for the users. The feature is still not available for beta testing, it is only accessible for a server-side test. There is no clarity on whether the feature will be available for Android Pie 9 or below devices because most of the devices on which the test was conducted were running on Android 10. We still don’t know if the feature is even going to release to the larger section of the audience which still uses Android 9 and below devices.

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Google’s effort to compete with its rival Facebook is showing some signs of development in its apps and products. Facebook has already added dark mode to almost all of its app including WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web, Instagram, and Facebook Lite. In the same way, Google is trying to add the dark mode feature to all of its apps and that’s why Google has added dark mode to Play Store.