Google Announces ‘Creator Liaison’ For YouTube

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Google has announced a new position in its company, “creator liaison” for communication between YouTube and the video creators. The most surprising thing about this post is that a former YouTuber, Matt Koval has been appointed as the creator liaison. 

This isn’t the first time Google has appointed creator liaison for its brands. Google has its own creator liaison, Danny Suivilian. He handles the communication with SEOs and site owners. Similarly, Koval will handle the connections with YouTubers. This means he will be communicating with the YouTubers through social media or direct contact to resolve their issues. This is something that YouTubers were waiting for a long time. There are many flaws in the YouTube algorithm which sometimes can affect any creator’s content or channel. This development will surely give Youtubers some relief as many of the content creators work full-time on YouTube.

YouTube was accused of preferring corporate company channels over individual creator channels. That might be a reason behind this step. Matt Koval was a YouTuber so he knows the problems of a YouTuber so he was the perfect choice for this post. Koval started making videos in 2008 and then he joined YouTube as a lead content strategist in 2012 which made him the most preferred option for this post. There are so many expectations from Koval but we will see him doing some practical work in the future. YouTube community wanted this kind of thing which can hear their voice.

We will see how this new move will actually work in the future