Game Review: Silmaris – Strategic Board Game and Text Adventures

Cover artIf you love the Role Playing Game genre, then you definitely have to check Silmaris, a board game that gives you an experience of a storyline which intrigues you at every level. The game revolves around a fallen city of Thylla where you have the responsibility to restore the lost power and glory of the city. Between this, you have to defeat the other monarchs in the valley. The game is available for both Android and iOS

Content and Features

The game starts with your reign as the king of Thylla. Your goal is to reunite the five opposing cities in any possible way. In this game, you can select an advisor for you who helps you to find the best alliance, a trade deal or war. You really have to use your best tactics in order to survive the ruthless battles. As you move forward, you develop many alliances, enemies and trades. You also have to overthrow opposing monarchs and establish new trade routes. The game works well across platforms – including Android and iOS. This game is all about strategy and planning. You need to plan your moves. Well, planned moves can help you win battles which is what makes the entire process so exciting.

Display and Appearance:

The game has some stunning graphics and visuals. The way of storytelling through some fillers is amazing. You can see the quotes by every single character, which enhances your experience. The gameplay is also very to understand. The overall quality of the app is also very good. The game looks very vintage, but it is very authentic and original. The quality of the design is very good – it feels a lot like Age of Empires during those days. The attention to detail is remarkable. The entire storyline has been well thought. It is clear that a lot of effort has gone into developing the storyline and the graphics. The entire experience feels immersive. There is a lot of depth to the characters.

Final Verdict

The unique mixture of RPG and board game really works great. It keeps you engaged with every single level. This paid game may look ordinary but it is worth every penny. The background music is the cherry on top. We rate this game 10/10 for its unique concept.

Download- Android/iOS