Chrome Will Now Automatically Block ‘Unsecured Downloads’

Google has added a new feature in its new chrome update. The feature will automatically block all the downloads from unsecured sites. This feature adds to Google’s new attempt to make your user experience better.

In this latest chrome update, the browser tries to block downloads from any of the websites which have HTTP URL and which do not follow HTTP secure protocol. The program aims to the task by forcing audio and video downloads to use HTTP connections. Google made this announcement through its chromium blog. The company has made this feature as many of the users are unaware of the malware and viruses which they download unknowingly. This downloaded malware gives access to sensitive information like passwords, CVV and other bank details.

The full version ‘Chrome 81’ will be available from March 2020. Google is introducing many privacy and security programs that are meant for making Google products more credible. We’ve talked about how Google has introduced Google Security Checkup. This program was made to tell the users if any of their passwords are hacked. The feature was released on the occasion of ‘Safer Internet Day.’ You can read that article here. These new updates for Chrome will go up to Chrome 86 which is going to last until October 2020. Google is trying to make its image clear from the big data privacy racket. Still, Google hasn’t received the credibility that Apple has got over the years.

We might see many new features and updates which are going to improve the secure user experience.