Apple Is Working On An iPhone With Wraparound Display

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A new Apple patent reveals an all-glass iPhone with a wraparound display. Apple is working on this new concept which will make the user experience of the foldable phones a lot better. The new design will make the iPhone a glass slide looking device, which will allow you to use all sides of the phone.

The device is patented under the US Patent No 20200057525. The phone will have a six-sided glass enclosure which will make the device a full glass body. According to the statement in the patent, “Described herein, however, are electronic devices with enclosures that use glass to define multiple sides of the enclosure. In such cases, the enclosure may appear visually and tactilely seamless, such that the entire enclosure may appear to be formed from a single piece of glass (even though it may be formed from multiple separate pieces attached together),”

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Apple is looking at something which can beat the new trend of foldable phones. There is photo-sketch which is more like concept art of the phone is going around which reveals the basic design of the phone and the Wraparound Display. The design reveals some of the basic functions and utilization of the edges. There is still some doubt over the practical production of the device. The concept art shows how the wallpaper will be wrapped around the screen and how some basic buttons and options like the WiFi or the volume up and down buttons.

Apple surely wants to regain its image as the “innovator” in the tech industry and this kind of new concept will surely help to some extent.