Apple And Samsung Leads Top Selling Phone Lists of 2019

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The biggest smartphone companies yet again topped the lists of top-selling smartphones. Apple and Samsung have been the biggest competitors in the premium smartphone market. The surprising thing in the lists is that even though Samsung claimed many spots, none of its premium smartphones appeared on the list. 

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Omdia and Counterpoint Research released their lists of top-selling smartphones but both have released some different numbers. According to Counterpoint research, six of the top ten selling phones were iPhones. Meanwhile, Omdia claims that there are five Apple phones on the list with Samsung claiming four along with Redmi Note 7. It’s surprising to see not even a single Huawei device which was in talks because it was the fifth best-selling phone in China. The Huawei P30 was a close competitor but both of them were excluded from the list. Other experts don’t agree with this thing, as they think that the Huawei P30 was the second best selling smartphone in the world in 2019. We don’t know exactly which list is more accurate but we can get an idea of the performance of big brands through this list.

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If the report of Huawei being the second best selling smartphone in the world is true then it’s really alarming for Apple and Samsung as the Chinese brand has overtaken Apple and just behind Samsung. This shows how Huawei has worked on its production and marketing. Huawei had quite a big hurdle because of their controversy during the US-China trade war. It’s clear that Huawei is the next big thing in the most competitive market.