Apple News+ Sucks

According to the reports of media giant Bloomberg on Tuesday, the head of Apple’s News business, Liz Schimel stepped down from her position. Her term ended in less than a year after the launch of Apple News+. It is clear that nobody likes to use the service which is why senior level executives are stepping down.

Schimel was appointed to manage the relations with publishers and advertisers. Apple hired her because of her experience as entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) in Comcast ventures, president of Conde Nast International and she also held VP roles in AT&T and Nokia. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple stated that Apple News has more than 100 million monthly active users. But, the service has yet to provide any updates since last April.

Apple has failed to add any significant number of new subscribers to its current subscription base. The publishers associated with Apple News have complained about slow growth rate and revenues lower than expected target. According to sources, Apple is finding it very tough to maintain its current paying users.

It was launched as a free first-party news portal for iOS. Last year, they launched their paid plan which included many news giants like The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. Apple is looking to get a new deal with publishers that will cut some costs if one buys the services of Apple in bundles like Apple Music, Apple TV+ and apple news. If this deal happens quickly then Apple might look forward to introducing some updates or improvements for Apple News in the near future.