FunEasyLearn App Review – Learn Languages For Free

Have you ever thought of learning a new language? Well, the struggle gets quite real when it comes to finding good applications that help an absolute novice to grasp new languages. After going through multiple language learning apps, we’ve come across “FunEasyLearn”. This app, in particular, has really caught my attention with its incredibly simplistic design and an amazingly clean format. I’m not kidding, even a child could easily get through the app with its super intuitive and playful design in place.

FunEasyLearn is a language learning app that provides 34 language courses that can be learned from 61 mother tongues. So far, this is the biggest language variety on the market. Also, they provide ample learning courses – Alphabet with reading rules (the know-how) + 6,000 words + 5,000 phrases. All of their courses are developed by certified linguists, experienced teachers, professional native-speaking translators and voice actors. We see constant improvements in the app with its frequent addition of new content and features.

Content and Features:

Going through the app, we are greeted by a really nice bee mascot. After selecting our native language and the desired language to learn, we can head straight to the learning dashboard. The learning section is divided into three parts from which we can choose to learn the language through alphabets, words or sentences. Starting with the alphabets, the app covers all the alphabets with a plethora of exercises to make sure that the information is retained by the users. Moving on to words, the app covers all the nouns, verbs and adjectives. The words are sorted to cater to its realistic usage so that users can quickly start applying those words to their everyday experiences. When it comes to sentences, users are again greeted with sentences based on real-life situations that cover general conversations, making friends, dating and plenty more. One thing I really enjoyed is how all these lessons were gamified through different entertaining games and challenges. These subtle nuances contribute a lot towards making the learning experience really enjoyable and practical.

Display and Appearance:

The interface is absolutely fluid and flawless. Coming to its design, the app has really outdone itself with its simplistic and playful design. Along with the words and sentences for the languages, there are many beautiful illustrations that are associated with the meaning of each word and phrase which make them easy to remember. It is amazing to hear that the developers have taken extra efforts to individually hand draw all those illustrations. The app follows a uniform theme that is very supportive of setting a suitable learning environment. Overall a very nice design.

Final Verdict

FunEasyLearn has been an absolute pleasure to use. We loved everything about the app from its design to its content and even the simple features they have added here and there. If you’re on the hunt for a good language learning app, we would absolutely vouch for this app.

You can download the app from the following links:

  1. Learn languages on Android
  2. Learn languages on iOS

You can also visit their website over at

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