Apple Has Patented Virtual Sound Technology To Improve Audio In MacBooks

When it comes to the audio experience on a MacBook, Apple has always had the best hardware. The company is now taking this a level further and has patented a new technology that will deliver virtual sound in future MacBooks. Basically, this will deliver great results when you listen to music or watch movies on your laptop.

According to the patent, you will be able to hear the sound coming out of the MacBook from various sources rather than just listening to it from the laptop speakers. It will enhance the overall audio output whether you are just watching some content or listening to your favourite songs. This new patent got published recently by the United Patent and Trademark Office after Apple had filed for the it back in 2018.

The patent is titled as ‘System to move a virtual sound away from a listener using a crosstalk canceller’ and it says that there will be an audio processing system for a future MacBook Pro with one or more processors that process an audio signal that is split into at least three paths. Audio signal processing for virtual acoustics would greatly enhance a movie, a sports event, a video game or other screen viewing experience and will add to the feeling of ‘being there’.

Apple has been filing a lot of patents lately of which many have been approved as well. One of them was a patent for headphones which could be used to make the use if Siri more simpler. Recently, the company also launched the 16-inch MacBook Pro with powerful sound system comprised of six speakers.

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