Video Zoom-In Feature Is Coming To Google Photos

You will soon be able to zoom in on your videos stored in Google Photos with the new feature that is currently being tested by the company. The feature is already available for all iOS users but it was missing on Android for a long time.

The zoom-in feature will join a set of other features that Google added to the App lately. This includes the facial tagging feature that automatically tags people in photos, the video that is auto-created from your photo collection.

XDA Developers came to know about this new feature first-hand and their report says that Google is working to bring the feature in an update very soon. They mentioned that the new feature can now be tested Google Photos 4.33 where you can manually enable the zoom-in option. XDA also shared a GIF image to show how the feature works by simply pinching on the screen to zoom in out of the video similar to how you would zoom in/out of an image on Google Photos.

We are not sure how iOS users have this feature in action while the Android users have to still wait for it. Zooming in is a very basic function that should be made available in any kind of video-playing App as it helps the user see a frame more clearly if they can’t see it within the normal video size.

However, XDA also said that features they mention may not make it in a future release as it can be pulled down by the developers in a future build of the App.

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