How To Remove Sponsored Products From Amazon In Your Chrome Browser

If you are frustrated with all annoying sponsored ads showing up when you search for something on Amazon from the Chrome browser, then you are the right place as we will show you how to remove them with the help of a Chrome extension called Amazon Lite. This will make your browsing experience cleaner and faster on Amazon.

Amazon Lite is a very simple interface that will help you search for products without showing any type of sponsored products while you scroll the page. It consists of the search bar, Orders tab, Account & Lists tab, and your cart. The best thing is that this extension can pack all the essential features that a user will need while browsing while hiding all the unwanted stuff from their view.

Here are the steps to enable Amazon Lite in your Chrome browser:

– Search for Amazon Lite on the Chrome Web Store in the Chrome browser
– Install the extension from the Store to your Chrome browser and activate it.
– Restart the browser
– The Amazon Lite plugin is now activated and you can start browsing a clean and clutter-free Amazon.

When you search for the Amazon browser on Google, it will automatically take you to the interface of Amazon lite as you have turned on the extension in your Chrome browser. Thus, every time from now onwards when you get the search results in Amazon, you won’t get distracted by the annoying sponsored products and advertisements adding up to a wonderful browsing experience.

If you wish to go back to the original Amazon page, the extension can be disabled from “chrome://extensions”.

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