Loop For Android – Build Good Habits And Track Them

Developing and nurturing good habits is the most difficult task for all of us but if we make use of a productivity based App, it automatically makes us better at what we do. Loop is created to give you the best resources and tracker when you start out to develop a new habit or maintain a habit which you have been practising since long.

Content and Features:

The App gives you detailed graphics and statistics for each of your habit goals so that you can track your progress and work on them at the same time. Loop will tell you if you have missed doing a task on a particular day and also reward you if you have done it without fail. There are various other features for overall habit building which include: flexible schedules if you don’t want to do them everyday, create reminders, use along with a smartwatch, ad-free experience.

Display and Appearance:

There is nothing much to speak about when it comes to the interface. It is quite simple and you can begin creating new habits by tapping the + sign. Under each of your habits, you will see the charts for habit strength, history, best streaks and frequency. It will give you an overview of your habit progress over a period of time making it simpler for you to know whether your efforts are paying off. The App also supports Night mode for all dark theme lovers.

Final Verdict – Its one of the simplest Apps you will come across for developing and maintaining good habits. Everything in this app feels well organised and it will keep you updated if you miss any of your daily routines or tasks. We rate it 10/10.

You can download the App from Google Play Store.

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