Instagram Rolls Out New Tools To Tackle Misinformation

Facebook had introduced a new set of tools to combat fake news and misinformation on their platform recently after being accused for allowing users to easily share this type of misleading news with everyone openly. Now the company has added these set of tools to Instagram where it will prevent users from posting stuff that is being reported by several users.

Instagram says that it wants its users to trust what they see on the platform and mentioned that photo and video based false information is a heavy challenge for them which they are trying to reduce by providing these set of tools to the users. As it is not possible to monitor every post on the platform, the company is making use of AI to filter out the fake news as much as possible and inform users when they are trying to post something on the similar topics.

Basically, when the user adds a offensive caption to a post right before posting, they will be informed by Instagram that the caption has been reported by other users and they should try changing it to stay safe. Earlier, Instagram had added a feature to let users know if they are posting an abusive comment and warn them about it. The company said that they saw a favorable response for this feature which prompted them to include a similar feature for captions.

Similarly, Instagram also displays warning on fake news that appears on the user’s feed but it depends on the users whether they chose to view it or not.

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