How To Create Your ‘Top 9’ List For Instagram

Instagram has many cool features but it still lacks some. You won’t be able to create a ‘top’ list that combine all our best pictures from your Instagram profile. For this, you will need a third-party App called TopNine which will instantly create the list for you and it can be then shared with your Instagram friends.

Its an App which will scan for your Instagram pics with your permission and create the Top 9 list under 10-15 seconds depending on how big your Instagram profile is. Thus, if you have a bigger Instagram profile, the compilation of the best images could take certain time as it has to scan each and every picture and consider what’s perfect.

Its kind of surprising that Instagram has not included the top list feature for its users so far. But if you have been wanting to create a Top list, then the Top 9 App will let you do it effortlessly. You just have to download the App from App Store or Play Store. When you open the App, it will ask you to register with your Instagram username and email address. After registering, the App will create a Top 9 list for you automatically.

If the process of creating a collage takes time, the App will send you the collage via the email address with which you registered. The Top 9 provides easy sharing to Instagram and there is no watermark on the collage which makes it far better than other third-party Apps.

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