App Review: Via For iOS And Android – Cheap And Easy Ride Sharing Service

Ride sharing has become more popular owing to rise in pollution levels, cheaper travel and various other factors. Via is an excellent ride sharing service that operates in the United States and is available on iOS and Android platforms. It helps people connect easily with nearby riders and offers the cheapest possible rate in comparison to the top ride sharing Apps like Uber.

Content and Features:

Although the App is free to use, you will have to create an account once you open the App for the first time. Right after that, you can start booking your rides by entering the pickup and drop off locations. It works very similar to major ride sharing Apps, the only difference being that they give guaranteed low fares for each ride with the App’s smart algorithm that makes booking a cab much affordable. Via also removes the hassles of delays in peak hours so that you can reach your destination on time.

Display and Appearance:

The App is very neat and clear in terms of its user interface. It only takes a few seconds to setup the account and you can start taking rides with complete cashless payment system. It shows you the price, number of seats, ETA and pickup time making it easier to book a ride without any trouble. You can also check your previous rides in the App and easily compare how much money you saved each time.

Final Verdict – If you take cabs for daily office commutes, this App will help you save your precious money and connect with riders going to the same destination. Its intuitive interface and easy navigation makes it really worthwhile. We rate it 10/10.

You can download the App from Play Store and App Store.

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