Apple’s 10th Retail Store In Japan To Open In Kawasaki

Apple will be opening yet another retail store in Japan on December 14th, this time in Kawasaki. The company has been looking to spread all across Japan with their store expansion and its looking great so far. The new retail store is currently wrapped up, giving an indication to the people that its going to open soon.

The Kawasaki store is located around an open-air shopping mall home called ‘Lazona Kawasaki Plaza’. There’s a grass plaza inside the mall where regular concerts of Japanese artists are held. Sources say that there will be big entrance that connects the Apple Store with the mall besides the central stairs and escalators.

Apple announced the Kawasaki outlet today in the form of a video which shows the logo design for the store:

This new Apple retail store was under construction since a year as people has earlier noticed a wall that was installed to cover up the construction of the store. Seems like the company did it deliberately to not let out any hint to the mall visitors or anyone for the matter. But people who did speculate about it being the Apple store will now surely know that they were right about it.

Apple had been previewing the Kawasaki store earlier with teaser logos including some of its other planned projects in Japan. It all started with the shutting down of Apple Sendai Ichibancho store and then it boosted up to 9 retail stores with Apple Marunouchi which opened up in Tokyo in September this year.

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