Microsoft’s New Office App Comes With Excel, Word And PowerPoint

Microsoft has created a new App simply named Office for Android and iOS which combines all the main tools of Word, PowerPoint and Excel into one single App. This new App will make it easier for users to work with different kinds of documents along with new added set of features to improve the overall productivity.

The App is currently available in the public preview mode for both iOS and Android and Microsoft was overwhelmed by the response it received within a few hours of the announcement for Office. The company is in the efforts to bring the official version of the App to iOS and also Android until the preview ends.

In their announcement for Office App, Microsoft said that it provides a simple, integrated experience that puts the tools you need for working on a mobile device at the forefront of the experience. With the combination of existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mobile apps into a single app, all of your Office documents are together in one place which reduces the need to switch between multiple Apps and significantly reduces the amount of space used on your phone compared to multiple installed apps. Apart from this, they have also added some new capabilities that takes advantage of your phone’s camera and there is a new Actions Pane which gives access to each of your mobile tasks in one place.

The Office App is currently available only for mobile and the company will be extending support for tablets in the near future. Also, it will continue to support all the existing standalone Apps for Office mobile.

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