Apple TV+ Is Providing Better Streaming Quality Than Netflix

We are only a few days into the Apple TV+ service and with a handful of shows at the moment on this platform, the streaming quality is being praised. Apple is offering 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound for the content with an average bit rate of 29 Mbps.

FlatpanelsHD editor-in-chief Rasmus Larsen has put out some staggering numbers for Apple TV+ streaming quality in a forum post. He said that while using Apple TV 4K, Apple TV+ drama show See hit the highest bit rate of 41 Mbps and an average of 29 Mbps which is still higher than Netflix that operates at an average bitrate of 23.9.

Apart from See, the cartoon show Snoopy also recorded a average of 13Mbps in spite of being a 2D cartoon with a basic color palette. Even comparing with Bluray media which makes use of the lowest compression rates for a regular Hollywood movie, the stats shown by Apple TV+ is pretty good for a video streaming service.

However, users are not liking the fact that there is no low data mode as streaming the content can pull a vast amount of data in under an hour. This would really bother people in countries like India where they are heavily relied on mobile data more than their home broadband.

These days viewers like to watch everything in 4K and the availability of Apple TV+ shows in the highest streaming quality makes it just perfect. That being said, Netflix has to catch up on the bitrate as it maxes out at just 16Mb/s for 4K content.

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