Students Can Now Avail Apple TV+ For Free With Apple Music Subscription

Apple has just released first of its bundled package for Apple TV+. Students who are using the Apple Music subscription will now be eligible for Apple TV+ free of charge. This offer is available only for Students who use $4.99 monthly plan on Apple Music.

The deal was announced on Instagram by Dickinson star Hailee Steinfeld as Apple TV+ is bound to start streaming from coming Friday. The Apple Music plan for students already offers a big discount for monthly usage and now the addition of Apple TV+ for free makes it a sweet deal for students across the globe.

Apple usually doesn’t give any service for free but it seems to be a good strategy for the company to bundle Apple TV+ for students so that it will reach out to more users and get them hooked. In the long run, Apple can make this business sustainable only if it has that many viewers who will eventually subscribe after trying out the free service.

Apple TV+ will cost the regular users $4.99 per month separately whereas it will be available for students along with the Apple Music subscription for the same price. This deal will most likely not include family sharing as it covers only one student. If you are a college student, unfortunately you won’t be able to share your account with anyone else in your college to watch shows and movies on Apple TV+.

The company had announced Apple TV+ service earlier this year along with Apple News and Apple Arcade gaming service.

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